WattsUp Multisport (WUMS) represents a “grassroots” effort to bring together Elite Age Group Triathletes and recreational athletes in the community of multisport athletes in New Mexico. Our mission is to grow the triathlon, endurance, and multi-sport community in Albuquerque and the surrounded areas.


Athletes of all disciplines are able to enjoy year round activities in the great outdoors at the benefit of 5000 feet of altitude! New Mexico offers ideal conditions for training and endless miles of flat and mountain roads. Our city offers public pools, tracks, trails, parks, bike paths, and races almost every weekend. The opportunities for growth in your sport are endless!

We represent the multisport culture and lifestyle, and want to share our experiences as athletes with other enthusiasts of sport.   Our primary goal is to train hard, race fast and represent our sport, sponsors and community.

Find us on Social Media!

Instagram: Wattsup_Multisport

Facebook: WattsUp Multisport

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